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The Caretaker

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A young man, named Simon, swamped in debt and owing big to a gang is desperate for quick, large cash. luck would find him one day in a news paper ad offering the high pay he needs.

Simon, desperate, had accepted the job meeting the strange owner with even stranger rules. finding out after arriving that the owner has "exotic pets" requiring special care. Simon will soon learn that the owner didn't mean lizards or snakes and that he should have rethought the news ads fine print.


will be gone camping

1st Oct 2022, 5:59 PM

reddog f.13

will be gone camping sun-wed, so no page this week. =]


anemia and flu

7th Aug 2022, 8:55 PM

reddog f.13

so, for a while i haven't been feeling too good. extremely exhausted that even if i slept half the day away i still woke up and stayed exhausted. i was getting frustrated when more and more symptoms piled on, realizing it was my anemia fucking me over when my sister mentioned needing iron for hers.

after taking iron vitamins for a while the symptoms have gone away and i actually feel awake again. but now i've just been hit with the flu that my whole family caught. pretty sure its not covid.

so i think im just gonna take some time off. probably the next 2 weeks. to catch up on my iron and get over this flu.


what-cha want for possible pins?

8th Mar 2022, 12:27 AM

reddog f.13

soooo hypothetically if i made enamel pins, what-cha want? <.<
(cant make all of them immediately so i suggest selecting your top 3 instead of just all. :v//)

rick (werewolf or human?)
(lucifer (demon or human?)
brat - thunderbird
mr scruffy (phoenix)
H/ wendigos


shifted over update dates

7th Feb 2022, 4:16 PM

reddog f.13

so, i am actually struggling a little keeping with updates. my old days off used to be fri-sun with college. but now that i have a job, its swapped to sun-mon off.

with that i think I'll release updates over slightly, to Mondays instead of Fridays. from now on. so this next update will be on Monday. =]


good news. :D//

9th Dec 2021, 7:07 AM

reddog f.13

got a cover for book 8 ready and pages should start posting again next week. =]


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