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Howdy! this is the Gallery page where all extra Caretaker art is. To help prevent story breaks from them being posted as a regular page. Here there is Art, Memes, and extra whatever's. =]
this page may contain spoilers!


Puppo cerberus
Page 13 of book 6 was the official 200th page. Thank you all for all the support in getting me this far. Past 200 pages and 6 books! Reached on 10/16/2020.
Doppelgänger neck break
The first of the SOONs pages. Hinting early the bloody note that would appere beside lucifer's door.
All the SOONs that hinted to lucifer's arrival page on OCT 2nd (the bottom most number). Each "time" was a reference to a part of bible passage "Isaiah 14:12 - 15"
Lucifer's mask
When Satan wants to tell you his life story.
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